Monday, December 28, 2015

CiSf News - First post of 2016

We have a new designer who is going by the screen name "Stig". He is our 4th designer, and he is working on a few projects, plus he has completed a new distorted style font which was just released on our OneDrive and Fontspace pages.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hussar News December 2015

Hussar Preview's next version will release in 2016 as stated in the most recent CiSf news, but I didn't post many details about it then, so here are some details.

Hussar Preview version 2.29 is going to be a large update, with many redesigned and tweaked characters, plus many additions.

Some changes are listed below.

Addition of new characters including the Polish Kreska accent, which is  used in Polish (the acute is commonly used instead by most designers, but they are different), Polish Kreska accented letters (A, O, N, S, & Z, both upper and lowercase), subscript numerals, and more.

Tweaks and redesigns of characters, including the lowercase x, Kotwica symbol, a new number 4, uppercase N, most of the Runic alphabet, lowercase a, Welsh LL digraphs (upper & lowercase), Grave and acute accents, and many more.

These are just some of the changes so far, many more are in the works that will be completed before it is ready for release.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us @ Cannot Into Space Fonts.

Monday, October 19, 2015

CiSf News 4th Quarter 2015

Hussar News:
Due to starting several new font projects, which are currently given priority, Hussar's next update will be delayed. Hussar Preview will have it's next update sometime in 2016, hopefully in January, but I am not promising anything right now.

Release News:

CiSf Camouflage Kit has been released on GitHub, it is our first release there, more fonts will eventually be released there.

Other News:
Jasper and Mew Too have decided to fold their separate micro-foundries back into Cannot Into Space Fonts. Jasper's "Blue Thunder Fonts" foundry name will continue to be used alongside Cannot Into Space Fonts, Mew Too's "Mew Too Fonts" foundry name will also continue to be used alongside CiSf.

I just switched from using Windows to Ubuntu Linux about 2 months ago, so that contributed to some delays in updates and new fonts during the file transferring process, and Jasper switched to Ubuntu Linux as well.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from all of us at Cannot Into Space Fonts!

Monday, August 17, 2015

CiSf News September 22, 2015

We are currently working on updating several of our releases to have improved file sizes and in some cases new weights.

The file sizes of the new versions for fonts that have already been updated have generally been reduced in size anywhere from less than 1% to about 65%.

In other news:

We are working on several new projects, including new serif and sans-serif fonts, and display fonts as well.

Further development of Hussar is being slowed due to the number of new projects, but it is still being worked on. We are working on figuring out the direction for upcoming changes, which contributes to the slow downs.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Important Announcement

Mew Too and Jasper are both starting new micro free foundries of their own.

Updates and announced works in progress will continue as before, with the new foundries' names alongside Cannot Into Space Fonts. Hussar version 3.00 is still an ongoing project, for example, so are SuperNordica, Hussar Błyskawica Pro, and Hi.

We are still going to work together, the only difference will be the Foundry names.

The new foundries' names are as follows:

Blue Thunder (Jasper)

Mew Too Fonts (Mew Too)

Hussar news 8/7/2015

EDIT: Hussar Preview version 2.27 page and download on fontspace have been fixed.

Hussar Preview 2.27 has many changes, including a new Euro sign, new lowercase p, q, b, and d, and much more. The webfonts included are from version 2.21, as the webfonts snafued while generating.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Release List August 2015 and CiSf News

First is the news:
Hussar Błyskawica Pro is the last Handwriting font we will be releasing for a while, but it is not anywhere near complete. It is beginning to take shape so to speak, but it is going to take a while, as pretty much every character is getting either re-drawn or heavily updated and simplified. Also, we might eventually start posting our fonts on GitHub (No guarantees though). You can get all our new releases on our OneDrive, which has every font we currently have available on it, plus having Hussar Preview 2.19, which is currently the next to newest version (2.21 is current version), the link is below. The complete (at this time) font list will not include direct links, as there are over 100 Links that would be needed, and I have no idea if there are limits on how many characters you can type on a post. There are links to the Cannot Into Space Fonts pages (on Dafont, Fontspace, and the Open Font Library for example) instead, so there will be a link that always includes all of our releases that are available online.

Here are the links:

OneDrive link to all of our fonts


Open Font Library


And here is the list of Releases so far:

Hussar Superfamily (GeoHumanist Sans)

Hussar version 2.00
Hussar Preview (versions 2.19 and 2.21 are currently available on OneDrive)
Hussar Błyskawica (Handwriting version of Hussar)
Hussar Nova
Hussar Wojna
Hussar Plate
Hussar 2.00 WebEdition
Hussar Ekologiczny
Hussar Woodtype
Hussar Techniczny
Hussar Szturm
Hussar Print
Hussar Outliner
Hussar Milosc
Hussar Press
Hussar Paneuropjskich
Hussar 3D
Hussar Motorway (Highway/Motorway symbol Dingbat/Pi font)
Hussar Wysoki (Tall X-height version of Hussar)

Nordica Superfamily (GeoGrotesk sans)

Nordica Plus/Classic
Nordica Advanced

Asimov (Derivative of the open source font, Roboto) (NeoGrotesk Sans)

Happy Time (Derivative of the open source font, TeX Gyre Termes)(Swash Italic Transitional Serif)

DIN Kursivschrift & Polski DIN Kursivschrift (Realist Sans)

Poland Can Into & Poland Cannot Into ("Blooper" weights for various Sans Serif releases)

Fisherman Sans (Wide Painted Sign style Sans)

CiSf Camouflage Kit (Dingbat/Pi font for designing Camouflage Patterns)

Be Happy (Emoticon/Emoji/Smiley Face Dingbat/Pi font)

Warsaw Gothic (Derivative of the open source font, League Gothic)(Realist Sans)

Hi. (Rounded Geometric Sans)

Fog Sans (Derivative of the open source font, Clear Sans)(Humanist Sans)

Charger (GeoHumanist Sans)

Passageway (Derivative of the open source font, Open Sans)(Humanist Sans)

Blink (SuperCondensed GeoHumanist Sans)

Mechanical (Derivative of the open source font, Courier Prime)(Monospaced Serif)

Stormning & Stormning Æsir (Runic Geometric Sans)

Rain (Derivative of the open source font, Sen by Philatype)(GeoHumanist)

Falling Sky (Derivative of the open source font, Source Sans Pro)(Realist Sans)

RocketFuel (Retro 90's Liquid Sans)

Trueno (Derivative of the open source font, Montserrat)(GeoGrotesk Sans)

RDJ Hand (Bitmap/Pixel Handwriting font)

Fontstructed designs


Rabbid Highway Sign

Handwriting series





Jag Elskar Dig (I Love You)



Squared Hand

Gib Font Plox



Krieg Font

Thicker Than...


Just Breathe

Reckless Catfish



Filament Serie


Børk Börk

Loogie Hawk

Take Off






CiSf OpenHand

Mewtoo Hand

Distorted series

I Like Turtles




Anarchic Type

Messed Up

Drag You Down


Through The Black


Ruined Serif





Wednesday, July 8, 2015

CiSf Release News

We have a new Selfhost link, via Onedrive.

All of our fonts to date are on it, and you can browse the folder to download only the ones you want.

Download them here:

We will have a list of all our releases on an upcoming post, which has no ETA at this time as we have been busy at work on Font Projects and other stuff (plus I forgot to start it until today, and it will take a while).

Sunday, July 5, 2015

CiSf News July 2015

Cannot Into Space Fonts News:

We now have a new, third Designer, named Jasper. He is only going by one name, for some strange reason. He has been helping to improve Hussar since the version 2.19 Preview Release, and he has helped us to make several derivatives of various Open Source fonts.

Thanks to all the people who have downloaded our fonts!

We are working on several projects, both long term (the next version of Hi., Hussar 3.00, and SuperNordica (Working Title for an upcoming Nordica variant) for example), and short term. 

Hussar News:

Someone has made a derivative of Hussar! It is named Sztylet (Polish for dagger), and it was released by "Crazy Dave" at PlusOne Fonts, who also is contributing to Hussar's upcoming preview release.

Changes starting with version 2.19 (Current Preview version):

Removal of the silly alternate character designs, Some of which will be in their own display weights for version 3.00.

Still having several Alternate designs, just more useful ones.

More Unicode character support, and re-encoding back to BMP, instead of Unicode Full, as we have only made a few characters for the SMP, so those will be in display and Dingbat/PI weights for Hussar 3.00.

Re-designs of parts of the basic Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Latin extended character sets.

Fixes and tweaks throughout the font.

Lots of added characters in additional character sets (starting to work on Old Cyrillic and on Symbols for example), plus new Ligatures and digraphs.

The Current Release for Hussar Preview, version 2.21, has many changes both big and small. New characters have been added and new designs have been made for some pre-existing characters (such as the lowercase A). It also includes source files (useful for those who want or need to build it from source) and a new Webfont kit built using's Webfont kit Generator.

You can download both Hussar Preview Versions 2.19 and 2.21 on our new OneDrive, here;

Here is an example of Hussar version 2.19's new Italic lowercase G, which is an alternate version on upright weights, and the main upright Binocular lowercase G is an alternate on Italics.

Monday, May 18, 2015

CISF News 5/18/2015

I haven't posted anything in a while, so sorry for the long wait since the last post.

Hussar News:

Hussar Pro and the update for Hussar Blyskawica have been delayed.

Hussar Pro is delayed due to the fact we are now working on Hussar version 3.00, so the Pro version is going to be based off of that instead of version 2.00. Hussar Pro will also get have a different version number.

Hussar version 3.00 will be released when it is finished, no timetable yet. Hussar 3.00 is a big redesign and will have the extra widths and angles of oblique italics that are in v2 put into an optional separate download, because v3 will have more display and text variations, plus more weights.

Hussar Blyskawica's update with the redesign is delayed until further notice as we are redesigning it, and the current versions will be also included, but with a larger character set. The Redesign weights will be given Pro designation so you can still use them with the current versions.

Other News:

Some of our older fonts have an old email address of a former friend of ours, who isn't involved with us anymore. He let us use his email address for a while until we could get our own one set up, and our fonts that were selfhosted via google drive were on his account. He deleted his google account recently, and so we will have to update all our older fonts that have the old email address, and re-host our selfhosted fonts, so those will be fixed as we have the extra time to.

Also, we have had several fonts released since my last post, but I will list them on a future post as this post is pretty long, and I don't want to make it even longer.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Releases 1/22/2015, INCLUDING HUSSAR 2.00!

Hussar version 2.00 is finally here!

The full family is available on Fontspace right now. The Outline versions are new "Simple" weights with Latin Basic, Supplement and partial Extended Latin support as  some of the other characters SNAFUed.

Hussar Simple was co-designed by Mew Too, the other weights were made by Myself.

Download Hussar version 2.00 on Fontspace

The other new release is named Hi. It is inspired by the Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler neon's logo, Mew Too mainly designed it, but I helped at a few points along the way. It Is our first Fully Kerned font, every character has kerning pairs with every other one.

Download Hi. on

In other news, Cannot Into Space Fonts is now officially a 2 person Mini-DigitalFont Foundry, as Mew Too has officially  decided to use the Cannot Into Space Fonts name for her upcoming designs as well.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

CiSf and Hussar News 1/15/2015

Hussar Web Font version 2.00 has been just released, it is the first of the Hussar version 2.00 variants to release. The Webfont version only includes the Bold weight, but has it in OTF, SVG and WOFF formats for web use, and is the only non-unicode Hussar variant.

Download Hussar Webfont Version on

In other news, Analytik is now available on Dafont.
 Analytik on

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Release 1/12/2015

Analytik, a distorted style sans serif font, that I co-designed with a friend. She wishes to not use her real name, and is using the Screen Name "Mew Too" for this and our other upcoming projects.

Download Analytik on

Sunday, January 11, 2015

CiSf news 1/11/2015

Hussar News

Hussar 2.00 is getting close to completion, The only things needed to be done are finishing the Nordic Rune characters, setting up the last of the ligatures and stylistic alternates under the OpenType features, & making the new weights and styles.

Hussar Pro Preview version 2.00X is planned to release sometime after Hussar 2.00, not sure exactly when, it will be similar to the current Hussar Preview (But with the new Pro characters, better Kerning, and more characters than any earlier version of Hussar that has been released before).

Other News

I am starting on several projects, including a Geometric Sans Serif font, and a Serif font, plus a few other surprises. ;)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hussar News 1/8/15

Hussar development has reached the divergence point, Hussar 2.00 Will release later this month, while Hussar Pro is at release unknown (aiming for September-October 2015, but no guarantees at this time, as it could be ready earlier or later than that timeframe).

Hussar 2.00 includes a few re-designed characters with the old versions as stylistic Alternates, and with the new characters, It will be much larger in file sizes than the old ones (Version 1.94 was the  last full family release I think).

The next Hussar Preview release will be Hussar Pro version 2.00X, the beginning of a massive Re-design of many characters, and the replacement of a few odd alternates with more useful ones.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

CiSf News 1/4/2015

Today I have posted 2 more new fonts, the last ones before starting on my new shift tomorrow. I will still be working on new fonts and on Hussar version 2.00, they will just be delayed comparatively. 

I will also be starting work on some collaborative  designscoming later this year. 

ANYWAY, on to the new fonts:

 Both Are Distorted type Sans Serifs.

Through The Black, a 10 Weight family.
Download Through The Black on Fontspace

Download Koop on Fontspace

Plus 2 Preexisting fonts are now on

WarpStorm on

Ruined Serif
Ruined Serif on Dafont

Saturday, January 3, 2015

CISF News 1/3/2015

I have a few news items to post about.

First, is more details on the forthcoming delays.

The Actual delays are going to begin on 1/5/2015, end date unknown, as I am going to be on a different shift at my Day Job effective on 1/5/2015, and I have to adjust to the new shift, so It is unknown how long any future fonts and updates will be delayed.

Second; A few of my pre-existing fonts are now on

Curly Kue
Curly Kue on

ThickerThan... on

Filament Serie
Filament Serie on

Third; 5 Pre-existing designs that are now available for the first time anywhere.

They are all Distorted type fonts.

Drag You Down
Download Drag You Down on

Messed Up
Download Messed Up on

Ruined Serif
Download Ruined Serif on

Download Warpstorm on

Hussar Wojna, a Family of 4 Styles with 4 matching Obliques (8 Weights in total) (Wojna is Polish for War)
Download Hussar Wojna on

Friday, January 2, 2015

All Font Projects have been delayed

I have been put on a different shift at my day job, so I don't have as much time to work on my fonts right now, and the delays are going to be big, Hussar 2.00 May not be released until Mid-Summer or even later depending on what is going on.