Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Releases 1/22/2015, INCLUDING HUSSAR 2.00!

Hussar version 2.00 is finally here!

The full family is available on Fontspace right now. The Outline versions are new "Simple" weights with Latin Basic, Supplement and partial Extended Latin support as  some of the other characters SNAFUed.

Hussar Simple was co-designed by Mew Too, the other weights were made by Myself.

Download Hussar version 2.00 on Fontspace

The other new release is named Hi. It is inspired by the Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler neon's logo, Mew Too mainly designed it, but I helped at a few points along the way. It Is our first Fully Kerned font, every character has kerning pairs with every other one.

Download Hi. on

In other news, Cannot Into Space Fonts is now officially a 2 person Mini-DigitalFont Foundry, as Mew Too has officially  decided to use the Cannot Into Space Fonts name for her upcoming designs as well.

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