Monday, August 17, 2015

CiSf News September 22, 2015

We are currently working on updating several of our releases to have improved file sizes and in some cases new weights.

The file sizes of the new versions for fonts that have already been updated have generally been reduced in size anywhere from less than 1% to about 65%.

In other news:

We are working on several new projects, including new serif and sans-serif fonts, and display fonts as well.

Further development of Hussar is being slowed due to the number of new projects, but it is still being worked on. We are working on figuring out the direction for upcoming changes, which contributes to the slow downs.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Important Announcement

Mew Too and Jasper are both starting new micro free foundries of their own.

Updates and announced works in progress will continue as before, with the new foundries' names alongside Cannot Into Space Fonts. Hussar version 3.00 is still an ongoing project, for example, so are SuperNordica, Hussar Błyskawica Pro, and Hi.

We are still going to work together, the only difference will be the Foundry names.

The new foundries' names are as follows:

Blue Thunder (Jasper)

Mew Too Fonts (Mew Too)

Hussar news 8/7/2015

EDIT: Hussar Preview version 2.27 page and download on fontspace have been fixed.

Hussar Preview 2.27 has many changes, including a new Euro sign, new lowercase p, q, b, and d, and much more. The webfonts included are from version 2.21, as the webfonts snafued while generating.