Saturday, January 3, 2015

CISF News 1/3/2015

I have a few news items to post about.

First, is more details on the forthcoming delays.

The Actual delays are going to begin on 1/5/2015, end date unknown, as I am going to be on a different shift at my Day Job effective on 1/5/2015, and I have to adjust to the new shift, so It is unknown how long any future fonts and updates will be delayed.

Second; A few of my pre-existing fonts are now on

Curly Kue
Curly Kue on

ThickerThan... on

Filament Serie
Filament Serie on

Third; 5 Pre-existing designs that are now available for the first time anywhere.

They are all Distorted type fonts.

Drag You Down
Download Drag You Down on

Messed Up
Download Messed Up on

Ruined Serif
Download Ruined Serif on

Download Warpstorm on

Hussar Wojna, a Family of 4 Styles with 4 matching Obliques (8 Weights in total) (Wojna is Polish for War)
Download Hussar Wojna on

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