Sunday, July 5, 2015

CiSf News July 2015

Cannot Into Space Fonts News:

We now have a new, third Designer, named Jasper. He is only going by one name, for some strange reason. He has been helping to improve Hussar since the version 2.19 Preview Release, and he has helped us to make several derivatives of various Open Source fonts.

Thanks to all the people who have downloaded our fonts!

We are working on several projects, both long term (the next version of Hi., Hussar 3.00, and SuperNordica (Working Title for an upcoming Nordica variant) for example), and short term. 

Hussar News:

Someone has made a derivative of Hussar! It is named Sztylet (Polish for dagger), and it was released by "Crazy Dave" at PlusOne Fonts, who also is contributing to Hussar's upcoming preview release.

Changes starting with version 2.19 (Current Preview version):

Removal of the silly alternate character designs, Some of which will be in their own display weights for version 3.00.

Still having several Alternate designs, just more useful ones.

More Unicode character support, and re-encoding back to BMP, instead of Unicode Full, as we have only made a few characters for the SMP, so those will be in display and Dingbat/PI weights for Hussar 3.00.

Re-designs of parts of the basic Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Latin extended character sets.

Fixes and tweaks throughout the font.

Lots of added characters in additional character sets (starting to work on Old Cyrillic and on Symbols for example), plus new Ligatures and digraphs.

The Current Release for Hussar Preview, version 2.21, has many changes both big and small. New characters have been added and new designs have been made for some pre-existing characters (such as the lowercase A). It also includes source files (useful for those who want or need to build it from source) and a new Webfont kit built using's Webfont kit Generator.

You can download both Hussar Preview Versions 2.19 and 2.21 on our new OneDrive, here;

Here is an example of Hussar version 2.19's new Italic lowercase G, which is an alternate version on upright weights, and the main upright Binocular lowercase G is an alternate on Italics.

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