Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Releases 1/22/2015, INCLUDING HUSSAR 2.00!

Hussar version 2.00 is finally here!

The full family is available on Fontspace right now. The Outline versions are new "Simple" weights with Latin Basic, Supplement and partial Extended Latin support as  some of the other characters SNAFUed.

Hussar Simple was co-designed by Mew Too, the other weights were made by Myself.

Download Hussar version 2.00 on Fontspace

The other new release is named Hi. It is inspired by the Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler neon's logo, Mew Too mainly designed it, but I helped at a few points along the way. It Is our first Fully Kerned font, every character has kerning pairs with every other one.

Download Hi. on

In other news, Cannot Into Space Fonts is now officially a 2 person Mini-DigitalFont Foundry, as Mew Too has officially  decided to use the Cannot Into Space Fonts name for her upcoming designs as well.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

CiSf and Hussar News 1/15/2015

Hussar Web Font version 2.00 has been just released, it is the first of the Hussar version 2.00 variants to release. The Webfont version only includes the Bold weight, but has it in OTF, SVG and WOFF formats for web use, and is the only non-unicode Hussar variant.

Download Hussar Webfont Version on

In other news, Analytik is now available on Dafont.
 Analytik on

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Release 1/12/2015

Analytik, a distorted style sans serif font, that I co-designed with a friend. She wishes to not use her real name, and is using the Screen Name "Mew Too" for this and our other upcoming projects.

Download Analytik on

Sunday, January 11, 2015

CiSf news 1/11/2015

Hussar News

Hussar 2.00 is getting close to completion, The only things needed to be done are finishing the Nordic Rune characters, setting up the last of the ligatures and stylistic alternates under the OpenType features, & making the new weights and styles.

Hussar Pro Preview version 2.00X is planned to release sometime after Hussar 2.00, not sure exactly when, it will be similar to the current Hussar Preview (But with the new Pro characters, better Kerning, and more characters than any earlier version of Hussar that has been released before).

Other News

I am starting on several projects, including a Geometric Sans Serif font, and a Serif font, plus a few other surprises. ;)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hussar News 1/8/15

Hussar development has reached the divergence point, Hussar 2.00 Will release later this month, while Hussar Pro is at release unknown (aiming for September-October 2015, but no guarantees at this time, as it could be ready earlier or later than that timeframe).

Hussar 2.00 includes a few re-designed characters with the old versions as stylistic Alternates, and with the new characters, It will be much larger in file sizes than the old ones (Version 1.94 was the  last full family release I think).

The next Hussar Preview release will be Hussar Pro version 2.00X, the beginning of a massive Re-design of many characters, and the replacement of a few odd alternates with more useful ones.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

CiSf News 1/4/2015

Today I have posted 2 more new fonts, the last ones before starting on my new shift tomorrow. I will still be working on new fonts and on Hussar version 2.00, they will just be delayed comparatively. 

I will also be starting work on some collaborative  designscoming later this year. 

ANYWAY, on to the new fonts:

 Both Are Distorted type Sans Serifs.

Through The Black, a 10 Weight family.
Download Through The Black on Fontspace

Download Koop on Fontspace

Plus 2 Preexisting fonts are now on

WarpStorm on

Ruined Serif
Ruined Serif on Dafont

Saturday, January 3, 2015

CISF News 1/3/2015

I have a few news items to post about.

First, is more details on the forthcoming delays.

The Actual delays are going to begin on 1/5/2015, end date unknown, as I am going to be on a different shift at my Day Job effective on 1/5/2015, and I have to adjust to the new shift, so It is unknown how long any future fonts and updates will be delayed.

Second; A few of my pre-existing fonts are now on

Curly Kue
Curly Kue on

ThickerThan... on

Filament Serie
Filament Serie on

Third; 5 Pre-existing designs that are now available for the first time anywhere.

They are all Distorted type fonts.

Drag You Down
Download Drag You Down on

Messed Up
Download Messed Up on

Ruined Serif
Download Ruined Serif on

Download Warpstorm on

Hussar Wojna, a Family of 4 Styles with 4 matching Obliques (8 Weights in total) (Wojna is Polish for War)
Download Hussar Wojna on

Friday, January 2, 2015

All Font Projects have been delayed

I have been put on a different shift at my day job, so I don't have as much time to work on my fonts right now, and the delays are going to be big, Hussar 2.00 May not be released until Mid-Summer or even later depending on what is going on.