Monday, December 29, 2014

New Releases 12/29/2014

I have 4 New Releases, and 4 fonts That I already Released are now available on Dafont.

First The New Releases:

Thicker Than..., is a Really Thick Handwriting Font
Download Thicker Than on

Filament Serie, a Hairline Sans Serif/Handwriting Hybrid Font Family.
Download Filament Serie on

Curly Kue, a Curly Handwriting Font
Download Curly Kue on

Dictator, a Stencil Styled Font
Download Dictator at

The Pre-existing Releases now on Dafont:

Big Writer
Big Writer at Dafont

Loogie Hawk
Loogie Hawk at Dafont

Squared Hand
Squared Hand at Dafont

Suplex Driver
SuplexDriver at Dafont

Saturday, December 27, 2014

CISF News 12/27/2014

Miscellaneous News:

4 of my Font Families are now on the Open Font Library!

Nordica Advanced

Nordica Advanced on the Open Font Library

DIN Kursivschrift

DIN Kursivschrift on the Open Font Library


Bwahh on the Open Font Library

Hussar Bold (Hussar Preview on Fontspace)

Hussar Bold on the Open Font Library

PolanWritings and WaterFire are both now on

Download PolanWritings at
Download WaterFire at

New Font Releases since last release list:

SuplexDriver, a Handwriting Style Font with several Weights.

Download SuplexDriver at

Big Writer, a Tall Handwriting Font

Download Big Writer at

Loogie Hawk, a Thick Handwriting font with a Gross-Out name

Download Loogie Hawk at

Squared Hand, a Square Edged handwriting font.

Download Squared Hand at

Hussar Preview is now up to Version 1.994
Download the Updated Version, Hussar Preview 1.994 at

Hussar 2.00 Progress News:
I have completed the Russian Cyrillic characters, and I'm now working on completing the other Cyrillic characters and Greek and Viking Runic Alphabets for Hussar 2.00. I have also started adding correct working OpenType Feature Alternates (Certain Stylistic alternates work, others have to be manually inserted as I have multiple Alternates for some characters). Other Additions Include new, smaller Period, Colon, Semi Colon, and Comma with the originals as Stylistic Alternates. Plus New Re-designed Apostrophe and Quotation Marks with the originals as Stylistic Alternates. Also, Hussar Pro is having it's Release Delayed until 3rd Quarter, 2015 so I can get everything the way I want it to be. And Hussar 2.00 may be released in early February, depending on how soon I can get everything completed.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hussar news 12/14/2014

Hussar version 2.00 is likely going to be released in January 2015. (Stylistic version only, Pro will likely be released by February 2015)

Hussar 2.00 will be 2 Releases, but the names mentioned in the earlier post will not  be used. 

Hussar's 2 Releases will be Hussar (Same styles as current Hussar, plus the new ones mentioned in the earlier post) and Hussar Pro, which will only have the more normal weights and styles and none of  Stylized weights (No Leftalic, Outline or Additional Oblique angles).

Hussar Pro 2.00 will feature a couple weights not included in Hussar, including Hussar Black and Hussar Semi-Bold. Hussar Pro is planned to release by February 2015.

Hussar Blyskawica will be updated in the next few months, and the updated version will have more characters and have a few fixes of characters that look a bit off compared to Hussar.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CiSf News 12/10/2014

The First thing I want to let everyone know is that Cannot Into Space Fonts has a new logo, made with Hussar. It is currently on my Dafont and Fontspace pages, and will eventually be put on my Fontstruct page and here as well.

Hussar Preview is now up to version 1.992 (overall Hussar version number). The changes from earlier versions are relatively small, but still important. 

First of the changes is a switch from Unicode BMP to Unicode Full, which has a lot of extra room for added characters and support for more alphabets. The second change was something I should have done a while back, but never did; Moving the Stylistic Alternates into Unicode instead of having then as non-unicode.
The only other change was the addition of a few more characters including 2 new Polandball Dingbats.

Link to download newest version:
Download Hussar Preview Newest Version

Hussar news:

Hussar version 2.00 is the next full version of Hussar, which is coming, but probably will not release until late December to early January at the earliest, as it is going to be the biggest update for Hussar to date.

More Characters will be added, and the main Greek and Cyrillic characters will be completed, more stylistic alternates will be added, more Dingbats and Latin Extended characters will also be added. Then there are the new weights that will be added. So many that it will be split into 2 separate posts on Fontspace. Hussar, which will be the Regular styles (Roman, Extended, & Condensed with Oblique Italics for each), And Hussar Unikat, which will be all of the Different styles (Outline, Leftalic Obliques, and various angles of Obliques (including Shallow and Super obliques) as well as Super Condensed and super extended weights.

Monday, December 8, 2014

It's been a While since my last post, and there are several fonts that I have Released since then.

Bwahh (Now on Fontspace, as well as the old Fontstruct link)

Bwahh on Fontspace

RDJ-Hand (A Pixel-Handwriting font)

RDJ-Hand on Dafont    RDJ-Hand on Fontspace

Rabbid Highway Sign Family (Now also on Fontspace, as well as the old Fontstruct link)

Rabbid Highway Sign Caps Family on Fontspace

Hussar Blyskawica, a Hussar styled Handwriting font.

Hussar Blyskawica

Børk Börk (Handwriting font)

Børk Börk

Hussar Preview (Only Bold Weight, used to show upcoming characters for future updates of the Normal Hussar Family)

Hussar Preview

Krieg Font (Another Handwriting Font)

Krieg Font

Nordica Classic, the first part of the Upcoming Nordica Plus system, and a much expanded version of Nordica in number of weights

Nordica Classic

Hussar Version 1.96 (Newest Full Family Version), with more weights, including Extended and Condensed weights, and many more characters than Version 1.72, including more Unicode characters and Non-Unicode Stylistic Alternates

Hussar Newest Version

PolanWritings, a Handwriting font with a Polandball themed Public Domain License


WaterFire (Yet another Handwriting font)


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hussar Updates 11/23/2014

Hussar Version 1.57
Includes More Latin Extended Characters than version 1.20, Greek Uppercase characters, and some new weights.
Download Hussar Version 1.57 Here
(Previously available on

Hussar Version 1.72

Includes more Latin Extended Characters, 2 new Comedic weights, and the Polish Kotwica Symbol.
Download Hussar Version 1.72 Here
(Also available on

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hussar Version 1.2 Update Release

Hussar Version 1.20

This Update mainly is made up of added Latin Supplement and Alternate Styled Characters.

Download Hussar Updated Version 1.20 Here

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Releases 11/20/2014

New Releases

Based off of the Open source font, League Spartan.
Download Hussar here

Poland Cannot Into
2 Comedic Fonts based off of League Spartan and DIN Kursivschrift.
Download Poland Cannot Into here

Polski DIN Kursivschrift
A parody of DIN Kursivschrift made in honor of my Polish heritage
Download Polski DIN Kursivschrift here

Monday, November 17, 2014

Where you can find my Fonts

Fontstructed Fonts:

My Fontstruct Page

Everything Else:

Here, of Course

Cannot Into Space Fonts on

Cannot Into Space Fonts on Fontspace

Old Designs

Old Designs


Available Here:
Nordica on


Available Here:
Bwahh on Fontstruct

Rabbid Highway Sign Caps

Available Here:
Rabbid Highway Sign Caps on Fontstruct

Rabbid Highway Sign Caps Narrow

Available Here:
Rabbid Highway Sign Caps Narrow on Fontstruct

Rabbid Highway Sign Caps Extended

Available Here:
Rabbid Highway Sign Caps Extended on Fontstruct

New Releases 11/17/2014


DIN Kursivschrift, a free Italic DIN style font.

Download here:
Download DIN Kursivschrift

Nordica Advanced, an updated version of Nordica, with new character designs and several new styles.

Download here:
Download Nordica Advanced