Monday, May 18, 2015

CISF News 5/18/2015

I haven't posted anything in a while, so sorry for the long wait since the last post.

Hussar News:

Hussar Pro and the update for Hussar Blyskawica have been delayed.

Hussar Pro is delayed due to the fact we are now working on Hussar version 3.00, so the Pro version is going to be based off of that instead of version 2.00. Hussar Pro will also get have a different version number.

Hussar version 3.00 will be released when it is finished, no timetable yet. Hussar 3.00 is a big redesign and will have the extra widths and angles of oblique italics that are in v2 put into an optional separate download, because v3 will have more display and text variations, plus more weights.

Hussar Blyskawica's update with the redesign is delayed until further notice as we are redesigning it, and the current versions will be also included, but with a larger character set. The Redesign weights will be given Pro designation so you can still use them with the current versions.

Other News:

Some of our older fonts have an old email address of a former friend of ours, who isn't involved with us anymore. He let us use his email address for a while until we could get our own one set up, and our fonts that were selfhosted via google drive were on his account. He deleted his google account recently, and so we will have to update all our older fonts that have the old email address, and re-host our selfhosted fonts, so those will be fixed as we have the extra time to.

Also, we have had several fonts released since my last post, but I will list them on a future post as this post is pretty long, and I don't want to make it even longer.

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