Monday, December 29, 2014

New Releases 12/29/2014

I have 4 New Releases, and 4 fonts That I already Released are now available on Dafont.

First The New Releases:

Thicker Than..., is a Really Thick Handwriting Font
Download Thicker Than on

Filament Serie, a Hairline Sans Serif/Handwriting Hybrid Font Family.
Download Filament Serie on

Curly Kue, a Curly Handwriting Font
Download Curly Kue on

Dictator, a Stencil Styled Font
Download Dictator at

The Pre-existing Releases now on Dafont:

Big Writer
Big Writer at Dafont

Loogie Hawk
Loogie Hawk at Dafont

Squared Hand
Squared Hand at Dafont

Suplex Driver
SuplexDriver at Dafont

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