Saturday, December 27, 2014

CISF News 12/27/2014

Miscellaneous News:

4 of my Font Families are now on the Open Font Library!

Nordica Advanced

Nordica Advanced on the Open Font Library

DIN Kursivschrift

DIN Kursivschrift on the Open Font Library


Bwahh on the Open Font Library

Hussar Bold (Hussar Preview on Fontspace)

Hussar Bold on the Open Font Library

PolanWritings and WaterFire are both now on

Download PolanWritings at
Download WaterFire at

New Font Releases since last release list:

SuplexDriver, a Handwriting Style Font with several Weights.

Download SuplexDriver at

Big Writer, a Tall Handwriting Font

Download Big Writer at

Loogie Hawk, a Thick Handwriting font with a Gross-Out name

Download Loogie Hawk at

Squared Hand, a Square Edged handwriting font.

Download Squared Hand at

Hussar Preview is now up to Version 1.994
Download the Updated Version, Hussar Preview 1.994 at

Hussar 2.00 Progress News:
I have completed the Russian Cyrillic characters, and I'm now working on completing the other Cyrillic characters and Greek and Viking Runic Alphabets for Hussar 2.00. I have also started adding correct working OpenType Feature Alternates (Certain Stylistic alternates work, others have to be manually inserted as I have multiple Alternates for some characters). Other Additions Include new, smaller Period, Colon, Semi Colon, and Comma with the originals as Stylistic Alternates. Plus New Re-designed Apostrophe and Quotation Marks with the originals as Stylistic Alternates. Also, Hussar Pro is having it's Release Delayed until 3rd Quarter, 2015 so I can get everything the way I want it to be. And Hussar 2.00 may be released in early February, depending on how soon I can get everything completed.

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