Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CiSf News 12/10/2014

The First thing I want to let everyone know is that Cannot Into Space Fonts has a new logo, made with Hussar. It is currently on my Dafont and Fontspace pages, and will eventually be put on my Fontstruct page and here as well.

Hussar Preview is now up to version 1.992 (overall Hussar version number). The changes from earlier versions are relatively small, but still important. 

First of the changes is a switch from Unicode BMP to Unicode Full, which has a lot of extra room for added characters and support for more alphabets. The second change was something I should have done a while back, but never did; Moving the Stylistic Alternates into Unicode instead of having then as non-unicode.
The only other change was the addition of a few more characters including 2 new Polandball Dingbats.

Link to download newest version:
Download Hussar Preview Newest Version

Hussar news:

Hussar version 2.00 is the next full version of Hussar, which is coming, but probably will not release until late December to early January at the earliest, as it is going to be the biggest update for Hussar to date.

More Characters will be added, and the main Greek and Cyrillic characters will be completed, more stylistic alternates will be added, more Dingbats and Latin Extended characters will also be added. Then there are the new weights that will be added. So many that it will be split into 2 separate posts on Fontspace. Hussar, which will be the Regular styles (Roman, Extended, & Condensed with Oblique Italics for each), And Hussar Unikat, which will be all of the Different styles (Outline, Leftalic Obliques, and various angles of Obliques (including Shallow and Super obliques) as well as Super Condensed and super extended weights.

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