Monday, March 28, 2016

Hussar News Summer 2016

Hussar version 2.29 Release Candidate 1 has just been released on our OneDrive.

It includes over 2900 characters, plus tons of other fixes and additions, such as a customized glyph list, with correct glyph names replacing some of generic "uni0000" names, some of which are shorter in length than the generics, which saves space (about 1 byte per character saved).  Also, we have completed the Latin Extended B, Latin Extended C, IPA Extensions, Cyrillic, Cyrillic Supplement, Greek Extended, Armenian, Phonetic Extensions, Phonetic Extensions Supplement, Armenian ligature, & Spacing Modifier Letters Character sets, plus added many characters in other sets. Also, many new alternate forms, and Old Style Numerals added to the Private Use Area.

Due to the ongoing Project nature of Hussar, some characters may still have spacing issues or other problems.

Release Candidate 1 is not representative of the final product.

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